Malta & Ireland

Malta Ireland Multi-Destination Programme

Multi-Destination Programmes for international students

General English 15 hours

4 weeks

€ 760

8 weeks

€ 1200

8 weeks

€ 1200

Students at English Studio have been calling London or Dublin their home for many years. We know from experience that often the hardest part of booking with us is deciding in which school to take your course. This year, to make the process a little easier we’ve decided you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other, you can come and study in both schools through our Multi-Centre Stay programme!

Multi-Centre Stays offer students the unique opportunity to develop their English language skills in 2 cities. We are able to take care of everything to ensure the transition between centres is as smooth as possible.


Our student services team will organise flights and local transfers between centres whilst also being on hand to book accommodation upon request. Furthermore they will ensure a quick integration into the arrival school and provide information on the local area, social activities and events.

Our academic team will share progress reports to inform receiving teachers of current level and development path. Any level tests or exam results will also be provided to ensure transferring students have a seamless experience.

The only requirement is that a minimum of 2 weeks is spent in each school. Multi-centre stays can be booked prior to arrival or once in school, depending on visa regulations.

Want to find out more about Multi-Centre Stays? Get in touch with our friendly team now.


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Paris is the capital of France.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan.