Play, go or do?

We often talk about sports and hobbies using the words PLAY, DO or GO in the following way:


PLAY: For sports with teams, rules and competitions e.g. “My brother plays football with his friends every weekend” or “Let’s play volleyball at the beach!”


Tip: sports ending in -ball (football, basketball etc) and boardgames (chess, checkers etc) always take “play”


GO: For sports and activities ending in -ing e.g. “I go swimming in summer” or “Liz goes horse-riding in the forest with her boyfriend.”


DO: For solo sports, sports which don’t use a ball and other activities e.g. “People who do yoga are very relaxed” or “Jackie Chan does martial arts.”


Tip: remember that the negative always takes DO e.g. “I don’t go bowling because it’s too expensive”, “Danny doesn’t play piano, but he plays guitar” or “Iris doesn’t do gymnastics in winter.”

Word of the month

ENERGETIC: /ˌenərˈjedik/ (adjective)

Having or showing a lot of energy (or to be very active)

e.g. “Tom’s sister goes running for an hour every day and then goes to the gym, she’s very energetic.” / “I’m not very energetic, I prefer to watch TV or read than do sports.”


Tip: we usually use “energetic” to describe people and possibly animals, but not objects.

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