Erasmus+ Malta

Studying  & Learning Abroad

Skill Alliances / Traineeships for Students

Course & Traineeship objectives:

– Improve their current knowledge of English
– Enhance and revise everyday English
– Learning skills and strategies to encourage self-study
– To improve practical work skills
– To develop a strong work ethic
– To share cross-cultural experiences

Traineeship samples:

– Health Care (old peoples homes / child care centres)
– Museums / National historical sites
– Leisure / Event companies
– Diving / Horse riding / sport schools
– Tourism (hotels)
– Catering establishments
– Marketing / Sales
– Electronics / IT
– and many more….

Course sample programme:






08:30 – 14:30

Traineeship shift

Traineeship shift

Traineeship shift

Traineeship shift

Traineeship shift

15:00 – 17:00

English course

English course

15:00 – 18:30

Cultural visit to the Capital City

Educational visit to 4 Star hotels / or Educational visit to Malta Enterprise

Educational visit to Retirement home / or Agricultural farm or Electronics manufacturers or Bread factory

Applicant must be:
Applicants level must be:
Course weeks available to book:
Course dates:
Minimum age:
Pic Number:

Minimum B1
Minimum of 4
Every Monday
16 years*

The mobility application form must be handed in to the school upon arrival and previously signed by the sending organisation. We will sign and stamp our section before departure.

*16 years if accompanied by a group leader. If unattended student must be minimum 18 years.